Behaviour Intervention Team

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We are a team made up of Educational Psychologists, Behaviour Advisors and Workers. We have all had experience of working in schools; either as TAs, Teachers, or at Senior Leadership level.


Who do We Work with?
We work predominantly in maintained primary and secondary schools, supporting pupils directly or indirectly to meet their Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Needs, including challenging behaviour.  We do not currently work with pupils in the Early Years.


What do we do?
We can work at an individual, group and systemic level:

We can work with senior leadership teams to consider the SEMH and behaviour needs of the school, e.g. advising on a school’s behaviour policy

We can work with groups of pupils or whole classes to develop individual/group social and emotional skills

We can work with individual pupils using programmes or therapeutic approaches to develop their SEMH skills

We can work with teachers and TAs to consider different strategies and programmes to try with individuals or groups of pupils, including developing or revising behaviour plans

We work collaboratively with parents/carers, and can offer support in the home – strategies and programmes to try

We work with the Educational Psychology Service (EPS) and offer Circle of Adults meetings for pupils at risk of exclusion

What Interventions Do We offer?:

Lego Therapy

Story Links

Emotion Coaching

Zones of Regulation


Therapeutic approaches (including the programmes, Think Good Feel Good and Homunculi)

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)

Circle of Friends

Restorative Relationship Planning (for groups of pupils)

How do I request involvement?
Schools can complete either a group involvement referral form or an individual (including a Circle of Adults request) referral form.  A Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) is also completed by the teacher and parent/carer.  If the child is aged 8 or above, a RCADS pupil and parent/carer form is completed.  This paperwork should be scanned and sent to BIT.  BIT will contact the school within a week of receiving the request for involvement.

We have also developed leaflets for schools and other professionals, parents/carers and young people.

Who to contact?
Dr Beth Cartwright, Senior Educational Psychologist: 07585 986658                                      

Kate Pike, Educational Psychologist: 07879 115126