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West Berks Education

West Berkshire Council has a great deal of experience and expertise in providing support and services to schools and academies


This site outlines the range of services available from West Berkshire Council and signposts you to further information about each service. Our service contacts will be happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have and will help you to decide which aspects of the service will be most helpful to your school.


There are many benefits to buying services from the Local Authority:

  • We are committed to supporting schools to make the best possible use of their resources in order to maximise the impact on raising educational standards for pupils.
  • We have an experienced and highly trained workforce familiar with the work of schools and in the context in which they operate.
  • We ensure our services are compliant with legal requirements and national standards
  • We are committed to improving the lives of children.

More Details

The Council is committed to offering high quality services. All services will be expected to meet the requirements of a set of quality standards. In the event that a school is dissatisfied with the quality of the service it receives, the school should raise this with the service provider in the first instance.